“Sustainable Sundays”: An Intro to the Project

It’s a little embarrassing, but I’ll admit it: I’ve never been someone who’s thought a ton about my personal impact on the environment. I’ve always recycled, but beyond that, I haven’t put a lot of conscious effort into making choices that are good for the earth. (Not to say that I exclusively buy styrofoam or light my garbage on fire, but I could definitely stand to be kinder to my home planet.)

Until fairly recently, I hadn’t been giving much thought to the clothes I was buying (and the labor/materials that were going into making them), the food I was eating (and where it was coming from), or the toiletries/cleaning supplies/appliances I was using. But with each documentary on fashion ethics, article on the negative impacts of everyday objects on the environment, and planetary ultimatum that’s released, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to continue living the way I’ve previously done without starting to think about how I could be making better, more sustainable choices.

So this year, I’m going to be making some changes. Every Sunday, I’ll be exploring an area of my life where I could potentially improve my current choices or habits, testing out how the more conscious option compares with my current one, and documenting my experience with each test on here. My hope is that, in making several small, initially short-term changes over the course of the year, I’ll find some things that I can realistically swap in for the long-term and move toward building a far more sustainable lifestyle for myself.

Stay tuned for the first installment! I hope you’ll follow along on this journey with me!


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